Streaming classes provided at EG Centre

Our technology brings you to the country where they speak the language of your choice and where a native qualified instructor teaches you their language without you having to move from your seat.

No matter where in the world you are, all you need is your computer and an Internet connection, a tablet or mobile phone to join your class.

You waste no time nor do you risk missing your class because of traveling. Just connect to the Internet, make yourself comfortable and experience rapid progress in your language skills.

Your teacher instructs you in real time, as if they are by your side; A whiteboard is shared with interactive materials, videos, photos, and texts. If you don’t know your real level of English, an assigned teacher will do a quick placement test.

A free streaming class is provided with one of our native teachers by going to THE TEAM and choosing the teacher and clicking on TIMETABLE. You will need to place day and time with your complete name and email address.

Streaming classes are provided at:

  • EGC English Go Centre: C / Tarragona 26 Collbató
  • Company: At your company, anywhere in Spain (Tripartita funding courses are provided)
  • Location: EGC provides screens at Hospitals, Hotels, Shopping centres, Golf clubs Paddle clubs, GYMS and many more. (Professional English)

Cambridge Examination are provided at our Centre for:

A1 Elementary

This course involves basic learning methods for students learning English for the first time. Developing a solid foundation in English grammar will not only help you create your own sentences correctly but will also make it easier to improve your communication skills in both spoken and written English. An official Cambridge exam with certificate is provided.

A2 Pre-Intermediate

This level involves students that already have basic knowledge of English and can understand simple commands. Students will improve their progress at a fast base.  An official Cambridge exam with certificate is provided.

B1 Intermediate

At this level Students, will be able to engage in more dynamic activities such as speaking, writing and listening. This level is required to start Professional English. An official Cambridge exam with certificate is provided.

B2 Upper-intermediate / First Certificate

Upper-intermediate level will allow the students to improve fluency at a faster rhythm with more specialised English which includes Colloquial and Professional English and to prepare for B2 (First English Certificate). An official Cambridge exam with certificate is provided.

C1 Advanced

Advanced English is provided to Students who wish to take an official exam after achieving their B2. Advanced level will allow Students to take their English to a new level. Also, Colloquial and Professional English are provided at an Advanced level. An official Cambridge exam with certificate is provided.

C2 Proficiency

Proficiency English is the highest achievement as a second language and once you have achieved your Proficiency Cambridge exam, you will be accepted in any profession in any country in the world. Proficiency will allow the students to take their English to a new level and achieve the highest level in Professional English. An official Cambridge exam with certificate is provided.

PDF Material is provided which include Student’s book & workbook.

Also, an official Cambridge examination is provided at all levels.

 Reports, attendance and exams are provided every term


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Send a Whatsapp to +34 772 140 975

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